Thank you for visiting Dugan & Leger, PLLC.

As of August 1st, 2018, Dugan & Leger, PLLC has been dissolved.

Attorneys Tim Dugan & Bryan Sulentic are now with

The Law Offices of Timothy Dugan

They can be reached at (910) 253 – 5400.

Attorneys Nick Leger and Nick Fernez are now with

The Atlantic Coast Law Firm

They can be reached at (910) 769 – 6884.

If you are an existing or former client, your case file is with your attorney at their new firms.

If you are unsure of which attorney was handling your case, you can contact us at (910) 253 – 5400 and we will direct you to your attorney.

If you are seeking legal representation, we would still love the opportunity to speak with you.