Criminal Defense

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Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, you need an attorney who will aggressively fight for you. At Dugan & Leger, our attorneys are ready to fight every step of the way to provide the strongest defense. Our Criminal Lawyers represent clients in nearly any criminal defense situation, including:

Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets include speeding tickets, expired tags, “no insurance”, and many more citations. Nobody wants to be in court all day waiting to be called. Read our Frequently Asked Questions About Traffic Tickets and learn how we can go to court for you.


A misdemeanor criminal arrest can seriously impact one’s life and future. Misdemeanors include assault, DWI, DUI, and various hunting and fishing violations. Learn more about Misdemeanors.


A felony arrest can have significant life-long consequences. Felony charges can result in imprisonment and loss of voting rights, gun ownership rights & professional licenses. A criminal record can also make finding work and housing very difficult. Learn more about Felony Defense. 


Expungement is the process of clearing your criminal record of past criminal behavior. If a certain amount of time has elapsed after certain crimes have been committed, you may be eligible to have it cleared from your criminal record. Learn more about clearing your criminal record. 

Firearm Restoration Rights

A felony conviction can prevent you from owning a gun or ammunition. However, depending on your circumstances, your ability to own a gun may be restored. Restoring one’s firearm’s rights is an option for a person who does not qualify to have their record completely expunged.

 Wildlife Offenses

North Carolina is known for its beautiful beaches and bountiful wildlife. Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Hiking, and Camping are hugely popular activities for North Carolina Residents and Tourists alike. However, a violation of a Federal or State Wildlife rule or regulation can have life-long consequences. Visit our Wildlife Offenses page to learn more.

 Juvenile Offenses

In North Carolina, a juvenile offender is defined as a person committing a criminal offense when less than 16 years of age. Upon decision by the court that the juvenile has committed a criminal offense, the juvenile is not considered “guilty” of the crime, but rather is determined to be “delinquent”. It is important to have an attorney guide you through the legal process and to help you reach the most favorable outcome in your case. Don’t let a few bad mistakes affect your future.


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