Who should attend the meeting?

 Everyone who is seeking to have estate documents drafted should attend in person. Everyone who is affected by the outcome of the estate plan is encouraged to attend or be available for a phone conference. It is almost always a good idea to have your beneficiaries and agents aware of the estate plan as well as their role.

 What documents should I bring?

 If you have any of the following, please bring them:

  • Previous Estate plan documents. For example: Will, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Will, Stand-by Guardianship
  • Financial Documents. For example: statements that show the beneficiaries of investment accounts such as 401K, IRA, Mutual Fund, Brokerage Accounts, Pensions
  • Insurance Policies. For example: statements that show the beneficiaries of life insurance policies
  • Custody Guardianship & Adoption Court Filings (If Applicable). For example: copies of court documents for adoption, custody, guardianship
  • Medical Records. For example: doctor’s reports regarding signs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia for the person seeking to have estate planning documents drafted


What questions will the attorney ask?

We will ask detailed questions about your family, career, financial information, medical condition, and end of life decisions. We will also ask who will serve as the executor, agent, guardian, and trustee. Although some of these questions may seem tough, we walk you through each step.